3 Used / Pre-owned 2013 Paratransit Sprinters 3500 for sale

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Details – Paratransit Sprinters

These Sprinter 3500 Paratransits were part of my ground transportation fleet.  Check out our site at eastwestnh.com.  The units were purchased as part of a NHDOT contract to carry passengers from Portsmouth NH to Manchester NH (approx. 40 miles).  After a year in operation, very few passengers were using the service.  As a result, the service schedule was reduced by 60% and three Paratransit Sprinters were taken off the road.

These Paratransit Sprinters are in mint condition since no-one ever used the service.  There is no wear at all on the interior and the exteriors are in excellent shape.  These are not just very good, but excellent!  They still look new!

I have 3 identical units for sale.  They are side entry configuration and have a storage / luggage compartment in the rear. They seat 11 passengers + driver or 9 + 1 wheelchair + driver or 5 plus 2 wheelchairs + driver.  The vehicles have grey cloth interior which is spotless / with no stains, no wear, no rips.

The vehicles have 168,000, 177,000 and 201,000 miles on them respectively.  If you are not familiar with Sprinters, the mileage may seem high but my other 3 units now have over 350,000 miles and are scheduled to operate for the next 9 months and reach 450,000 miles.

It took me over a year to get these units new direct from Mercedes at a cost of $93,000 per unit.  I am asking $20,000 for them now.  I may be willing to negotiate if you purchase more than one unit.

If you would like any more information about the handicap accessible paratransit vehicles for sale please call 800-245-2525 Ext 114 or send an email . Also I can provide more pictures if you would like. All the pictures here are of only one of the Sprinter Paratransit vehicles but they are all the same. – Updated October 2016

Paratransit Sprinters

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